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TestMart is the world's largest online site to buy, rent, sell, and lease test and measurement equipment

Situation Analysis
TestMart was looking to update their web site and product offerings based on customer feedback indicating that the site was not user friendly. Customer Service and Tech Support phones were taxed with numerous support inquiries and customer comments. TestMart's objective was to ultimately provide customers with a user-friendly e-commerce experience without increasing their head count in both support departments.

MadBoy Productions created a new streamlined site featuring our Style Sheet Technology. A new color palette was created and the logotype was modified to meet the needs of the new site and print marketing materials. Concurrently, MadBoy teamed up with Test Mart's in-house team of database engineers to create templates for the entire site. The Oracle database serves up all the TestMart pages using our style sheet design technology and tabbed sections were created based on the needs assessment and customer feedback. Unique templates were created for each of the six tabbed sections that are expandable in tandem with the company's growth.

The site now easily handles the $1M plus it generates each month without adding any additional personnel in customer or technical support. The site is expandable to any size using the Oracle database and the new section templates. The addition of extensive advanced searching capabilities allows for less customer service phone time, faster product selection and purchasing resulting in a positive user experience.

Site Features

  • MadBoy created a new color palette and logo identity for the re-launch of the site.
  • This site is now set up to handle the $1M in sales it generates each month.
  • The addition of new tabbed sections simplifies the user experience.
  • Extensive search capabilities allow for faster product selection and purchasing.

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