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MadBoy offers a full range of services. We have a group of award-winning designers and programmers at MadBoy Productions. Teams are selected for each client based on their needs. As an organization, our strengths lie in customer service, design, e-commerce and database integration. Our aesthetic is clean and sharp and our eye is always focused on user interface and the customer's experience. After all, if it doesn't work for the user, it doesn't work.

Services Offered

Site architecture
We help you develop the building blocks of your site, including the functionality and overall usability. We'll ask the right questions so that the core of your site is solid.

Information Design
Information design is about creating a layout that fits the functionality and information depicted on your site. The design should be intuitive so the user immediately knows where to go and what to do. Together we explore what you want the user experience to be and we design to it. We've developed user interface tools for both software products and online sites and spend a great amount of time studying the user experience.

Strategic and Creative Planning
Not clear what you want the user to experience? How does the web fit into the rest of your marketing plan? MadBoy Productions understands how to creatively develop an Internet plan that suits your company. We will guide you in your strategic thinking and help you modify and expand your marketing approach for the web. Online promotions, banners, advertising and direct mail landing pages are some elements that we explore. The MadBoy team will add the creative element that will make your ideas tangible.

Client competition analysis
We will analyze your online competition for design, functionality and ease of use. Then we'll create a site that highlights your unique selling features to distinguish you from your competition.

Follow-up, maintenance, fine-tuning & updates
MadBoy Productions also offers maintenance contracts to existing clients and to clients whose sites have been completed and just need monthly changes. We can update your site, or we can train your in-house employees so that you can manage the work internally. Either way, we want the site to work for you, and that means keeping it alive with new, updated information. A good maintenance plan is a sound investment in your website.

Customer Service
Exceptional customer service is key to MadBoy Productions. We offer an open line policy, meaning that during development, we are available to our customers via phone, fax and email at no charge. There are no time limits on our discussions and no pressured meetings.

Developing a professional website is a creative process that involves interaction and understanding. As a result, we go the extra mile to be sure that you are heard and that we are available to you.

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