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Case Studies - Environmental Investigations Agency

The EIA is an independent, campaigning organization committed to exposing environmental crimes around the world.

Situation Analysis
The Environmental Investigations Agency was to be featured in a CBS 60 Minutes segment about one of their agents' capture and torture in Indonesia. The EIA had no referring web site and needed a format that would allow the public access to donate money in support of their cause. The EIA had an existing site based in the United Kingdom but it was morose in style and tone, and didn't fit the needs or mission of the organization based in the United States. The CBS segment was to air in three weeks.

MadBoy Productions created an engaging site based on the "eyes" of the people and animals featured in the EIA campaigns. The video and audio portions of the featured segment on 60 Minutes were also featured on the home page. Additionally, a donation page was created that was easily accessible online and a mail subscriber feature was added to each campaign page. MadBoy Productions met the three-week deadline and 60-Minutes referred viewers to the site that generated donations for the EIA's three major campaigns: Species in Peril, Global Environment and Forests for the World.

Site Features

  • Human and animal attributes of the campaigns are featured using "eyes."
  • 60-Minutes referred viewers to the site, which generated donations.
  • E-mail subscriber pages created for ease of use.
  • Electronic donation pages set up.
  • Site created in three weeks to meet hard television deadline.

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