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We use the web for research and fun. We encourage you to visit some of our favorite sites. We did not design these sites. They're not picked for design elements, but rather for the content that they deliver or for the fun places that they represent. These sites definitely reflect the variety of interests represented at MadBoy.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - One of our places on the MadBoy inspirational tour. Check out the rotating exhibits.

TrapezeArts - Yes indeed, they have an indoor facility in Oakland. There is nothing quite like flying in the air and being caught by someone else and then completing a double backflip dismount. We find that weightlessness breeds creativity.

Prentice Hall: Essential Series - Shameless self-promotion of an old book. Prentice Hall publishes Brad's Web Essentials Photoshop book and we felt a need to share.

Surfrider Foundation - The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our oceans, waves and beaches, more MadBoy playgrounds. - A place to watch the ocean's waves all over the world on live cameras.

United States Tennis Association - Check out all the news on your favorite tennis players and the tournaments.

The National Basketball Association - Where Brad daydreams about being a pro basketball player for his home team, the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors would still miss the playoffs every year if Brad was in the starting lineup. What are they waiting for? Call the MadBoy!

Official Site of the Green Bay Packers - Does the name Vince Lombardi mean anything anymore? Bart Starr, Brett Favre? Title Town? News of the Packers.

Chabot Space and Science Center - Want to feel humbled and in awe of our universe? Spirituality and existential thought need a boost? Come on down!

Organic Gardening - Good stuff about the earth, the virtues of organic food and your garden.

Earthquake site USGS - Was that an earthquake or just a brainstorm. See for sure with an up-to-the-minute seismic map of California and Nevada.

How Magazine - A great place for inspiration. The annual Design Conference is a blast.

FreeWill Astrology - Having a bad day? Blame it on the stars!

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