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Surf Sol Sister offers unique retreats designed for women in unique, open-air environments. Each retreat is specially designed to emphasize fun and a personal connection with mind, body and spirit.

Situation Analysis
The founders of Surf Sol Sister were looking to create a Web site that not only described the type of retreats offered, but that also provide visitors to the site with a visual representation of active participation. The site also needed to convey learning a new sport —surfing—while relaxing with healthy food, yoga and massage. Another important consideration was the ability to build a customer database which resulted in the creation of a sign-up, referral page where interested participants could sign up for a newsletter, as well as forward to friends and family. Newsletter subscribers would be treated to monthly retreat updates, special offers, recipes and travelogues.

MadBoy Productions created a site complete with an ocean-like palette and inviting photographs depicting participants in action. The site was developed to provide visitors with necessary information in an easy-to-navigate format. Logo modifications as well as light surf-related iconography were added to further enhance the viewing experience.

Site Features

  • MadBoy created a customized, ocean-like palette for new site
  • Photographs along with light surf-themed graphics were incorporated to visually communicate retreat atmosphere
  • Participants can sign up for retreats and monthly newsletter
  • Pages can be emailed to friends and family

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