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Map Link is the largest map wholesaler and distributor in the world. Map Link maintains stock from nearly every commercial map publishing company in the world and stocks official government topographic mapping for those countries that allow the purchase of these important titles. Recently, Map Link has expanded stock to include guidebook titles, map accessories, globes, and digital geographic information.

Situation Analysis
Map Link wanted to respond to customer feedback that their site was confusing and difficult to use. MadBoy Productions met with the Map Link marketing team to determine what customers were having trouble with. It was determined that the existing detailed search engine was not being accessed clearly. Map Link also needed a way to cross sell other products within each section.

The Map Link site now has very clear and easy-to-find categories. Within each of the categories the extensive search engine is tailored to that particular category. The sections and site are easily expandable to accommodate overstock and weekly specials. Each section now has cross sales ads to bring attention to new or popular products in other parts of the site.

Site Features

  • Easy to navigate categories
  • Cross sales ads in each category
  • Quick searching from each section
  • Use of travel metaphors and graphics

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