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Case Studies - Folio Wine Company

Founded in 2004 by the Michael Mondavi family, Folio Fine Wine Partners is an importer, agency and producer of quality wines from the world's premiere and emerging wine regions. They currently provide sales, marketing and public relations services to wine brands from California, Italy and Spain.

Situation Analysis
Michael Mondavi and his family were looking to create a web site that reflected the elegance of their wine products from around the world. The site needed to not only be a beautiful brochure about Folio Wines but a tool for sales and distribution staff. It also needed to be an educational resource for wine purchasers.

Lush photos featuring grapes, vineyards and wine production were used to create the anchor of the site. The home page has four different photos that are randomly generated to give the user a different feeling each time they visit the home page. The Our Wines section was created to feature information about each of the 12 wine families complete with vintage notes and links to the live web sites of each winery. A Point of Sale section was created to provide shelf talkers and sales sheets for the sales staff to print out and use at their retail sites.

Site Features

  • Elegant, lush graphics
  • Randomly generated home page images
  • Point of sale materials section highlighting sales tools
  • Vintage notes available for downloading
  • Educational section teaching the wine making proceess, wine and food pairing and tasting wine

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