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InvestIQ, a division of Quantal International, provides global investment information through superior financial technology. InvestIQ's key competitor is CBS Marketwatch.

Situation Analysis
InvestIQ retained MadBoy Productions services to create a complete website that communicated strong brand equity, strategic messaging and provided convenient user interface tools. The site required a structure that easily accessed the Dow Jones index allowing users to manage their own portfolios online.

MadBoy Productions created an elegant and bold logo that represented InvestIQ's high-end financial investor audience. A seven-tabbed section was created for additional functions of the site. As the company grows and functions are added, they will implement the new tabs. Illustrations were created by MadBoy for each of the 10 sectors of global commerce that include Javascript rollovers. Java pop up boxes feature Dow Jones feeds of each market that are live, complete with color indicators reflecting whether the numbers are up or down for that particular reading. A complete portfolio building tool was also incorporated into the site.

Site Features

  • Global sector Java and Java Script rollovers to reflect the current market conditions.
  • New logo and color palette created to reflect the high-end investor.
  • Expanded portfolio building and managing capabilities.
  • Tabbed sections created to expand as the company and functions grow.

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